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Where to start with Superman


Birthright by Mark Waid is the best place to start on origin. Its one of my absolute favorites. You really don’t need to read any other beginning/origin story after reading it.

Now as for “great stories” to get into with Superman these are my top choices:

"Krisis Of…

Where to start with Batman


I get asked this question on a daily basis, i had it tagged on my blog but most people never leave the dashboard so i decided to just make it into a post i could have and/or reblog. This is purely my preference, I may be wrong on a couple toward the end, but i’m pretty solid on this order if…


☞ #CarolLeads - Carol Danvers Comics

☞ Origins

☞ Essentials

  • Captain Marvel v7: Carol takes the Captain Marvel name. 16 issues so far, with #17 coming up, and a reboot hitting with All-New Marvel Now!
  • Avengers Assemble 15AU: Guest starring Faiza Hussain, Captain Britain, and Doctor Who jokes.
  • Ms. Marvel v2: Carol Danvers’ marvelous trips into space, into her past, into leading a team, into war, death, and beyond!

☞ Team-ups

☞ Teams

☞ Other

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dear Kiran, I would like to read Ults because of reasons; please give me wisdom and tell me how to structure my journey for A+ pain.



OK so the first thing you need to know about the ultimates is that it’s hard to love them. they are, as a team and as individual characters, really really awful. so why do I love them so much? well ummm I’m not entirely sure actually when did that even happen jeez

BUT ANYWAYS the point is that you cannot approach this universe expecting happy friendly superheroes who are occasionally angsty or angry. like you know how during civil war, they’re all angry and shouty and it’s so devastating because they’re destroying the years of friendship they’ve all shared? well ults is kind of like civil war without the emotional impact, and not just because mark millar wrote both. you can imagine all of these guys gladly beating the shit out of each other at the slightest provocation, ESPECIALLY captain america, who is a total dick from page one.

oh yeah. captain america is a dick in this universe. everyone is a dick in this universe. except maybe like, thor. thor is cool. tony is………drunk a lot. and he’s my favorite.

so here is my reading guide for the ultimates (this is about the ultimates team, I’m ignoring spider-man, the x-men and the fantastic four’s series ok):

  • ultimates 1 - 2
  • ultimate iron man (written by orson scott card and no longer considered canon, but it is cracked out to the max also tony gets his arm ripped off and grows it back. also baby tony is covered in blue stuff for the first half of the series to protect him yEAH IT’S REALLY FUCKING WEIRD AND ORSON SCOTT CARD IS A CRAZY MAN who is also a huge homophobe and we hate him) (anyways) (you can skip this mini because it is balls out bizzonkers)
  • ultimate human
  • DO NOT READ ULTIMATES 3 OR ULTIMATUM DO NOT just know that literally everyone died in ultimatum and jan and hank are dead after this)
  • ultimate armor wars (a++++ tony pain!!!!!!! 10/10 would cry over again)
  • ultimate avengers 1 - 2
  • ultimate captain america mini
  • new ultimates
  • ultimate thor mini
  • ultimate avengers 3 (this one is weird but captain america turns into a vampire and it’s gr9999)
  • ultimate avengers vs new ultimates
  • ultimate iron man mini
  • ultimate comics: the ultimates


most of these are short series, around 4-6 issues each. the minis are only like, 4 issues each, I swear. and I’m not even mentioning the 2 events that take place in here either!!!!!

the latest run is the longest on-going title the ultimates have had, and it’s at 29 issues now. jonathan hickman was the initial writer up until issue 13, then sam humphries took over, and left after issue 24. as you may have seen from the 3 people who read ultimates on here, the current series (called ultimates disassembled, by joshua fialkov and carmine di giandomenico) iS INCREDIBLY PAINFUL AND REALLY GREAT AND I LOVE IT OH MY GOD

so yeah. ultimates. no matter how you read it, it’s gonna be painful (⊙‿⊙)


ok so I’m gonna be a total dick and link you to the master download that includes everything in the ultimates imprint up until the death of spider-man. bECAUSE I CAN. but it’s really organized, and you can go through and pick out what you want to read from it.

(ps hopefully you can torrent things)

so I…think that’s it? tony has a brain tumor and a twin brother and is always sad because everyone he loves dies. and he calls everyone ‘darling’ and swans around in his underwear and a dressing gown and is constantly drunk and is dead now RIP baby oops well that’s probably not a spoiler right

captain america is a total douchecanoe who is also always sad but expresses his sadness by being angry absolutely all of the time and by LEAPING off of roofs dramatically and insulting the french and crying in graveyards because he’s all alone. also he was president for a while. also he is really, really hot. haha awwww ults steve you dickbag.

ults thor was a total hippy and had this hippy cult following because he was all about the environment and was anti-government and generally the GREATEST. and then everyone thought he was an escaped mental patient for a while and it was a fantastic upgrade to 616 thor. but now they’ve dropped the hippy aspect of his character which is kind of sad. and he and tony are biffles and even if you ship steve/tony you’ll probably end up shipping thor/tony a little or at least admitting that tony totally rode thor’s dick more than once because steve is too much of a homophobic douchebag to let tony anywhere near his dick. actually basically you can imagine tony fucking the entire team more than once. it’s definitely happened.

and nick fury is samuel l. jackson except they made him a million times more shady and icky than slj’s fury. and george bush shows up in the first series. and tony gets his brain cut open and drinks a lot and has a sentient brain tumor who he names anthony and treats like a son. and monica chang. monica chang!!!!!!! oh my god I hope this didn’t scare you off because I love the ultimates so diddly dang much I’M JUST REALLY EMOTION ABOUT THEM I’M SORRY I’M SO SORRY EVERYONE

thisismyatonement saved you honey:

Hey, you're the Ult Universe expert, right? All I've read from that Universe is the X-Men stuff up to issue like....70 and the first three volumes of Ultimates. If I wanted to get up to date with stuff that's going on in that universe, events-wise and stuff....what things do I want/need to read?


oh god oh jeez “expert” well that’s a little


I’d start with the current series, rather hilariously titled ultimate comics: the ultimates. I’d also recommend ultimate comics: spider-man (the one with miles morales). also!! the 2011 ults x-men series just ended, although I haven’t read the whole thing so I don’t know how good it is.

the current event taking place in the ultimates universe is cataclysm, which hasn’t concluded yet but the various titles for it are:

uuuggh this event is basically a way for marvel to shake up the ultimates universe so NOTHING IS HAPPENING but it’s ending at the end of january and after it concludes, all current ultimates titles will end and I think 3 or 4 new titles are going to be released.

I wrote a vague guide a while back listing all of my favorite ults books, but I’d just start with those series for now, and that should bring you up to date on everything happening in the ults verse. even if you don’t want to read things with the ultimates, you should check out ults spider-man!!!! it’s worth it, trust me.



I’ve been working on this since forever and since I got a couple of asks lately regarding this topic, I figured that I would finally finish this list and post it before Man of Steel premieres.
Since her first appearance in Action Comics #1 in 1938, Lois has appeared in more than thousands of comics. So what I did was pick some of my all time favourite issues in which the writer stayed true to Lois’ character. Under the read more you’ll find a chronological list of those issues sorted by reading order.
Please note that since I’m only focusing on Lois, some issues may be random or  may even leave the main storyline inconclusive. So if you have any questions about storylines or any other doubt, my ask is always open.

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I know not many of us can get digital or paper comics due to different reasons: either we don’t live in the US or a country that publishes the titles we’re interested in, or we simply don’t have the money to do so. I personally find a very few titles over here that…



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You’re probably super excited about the new wave of Marvel NOW books coming out next year. Ecstatic even: there are SO MANY MARVEL LADIES HEADLINING THEIR OWN BOOKS! And if you’re anything like me, you’d want to show them your support. You’d also probably want to know who is it you’d be supporting. Out of the headlining ladies, Elektra is arguably the least familiar figure to especially new readers. She has got her own her solo series before, but frankly, they weren’t really good, and the bulk of her character development or in-depth characterisation happened in other books and some minis. It can be challenging to hunt down these books (or to make sense of them; Elektra had an especially bad 90’s), so this post is here to help!

(Yes, she did have her own movie—if you haven’t watched it, no don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. If you did, I’m so sorry, but please don’t let it prejudice you against Elektra!)

WARNING: most of Elektra’s books have very graphic violence. If this is not a subject matter you’re comfortable with, then please don’t read them!


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Who is Rikki Barnes?


rikki barnes!!!! ok sit down friend because this is some Serious Comics Mess right here

  • for background: during the onslaught saga, the avengers and the fantastic four sacrificed themselves to stop onslaught, a villain that is basically the literal brainchild of professor x and magneto. but instead of dying, they were transported to a “pocket universe” created by franklin richards (reed richards’ and sue storm’s son), in the heroes reborn arc (WHICH IS A HOT MESS also rob liefeld).
  • they all live in this pocket universe for a year, which is very similar to earth-616 but slightly different in significant ways.
  • for example! in this universe, bucky barnes has a granddaughter named rikki. who, after her brother joins the red skull’s new nazi cult, ends up helping captain america take them down and becomes the new bucky for a while.
  • eventually the 616 heroes have to leave the pocket universe and return to their own, and rikki forms her own super hero team called the young allies to stop nazis from taking over the world. 
  • oh god at this point I get really confused because there’s another version of the pocket universe???? and franklin richards?????? and something something the point is rikki barnes sacrifices herself to stop onslaught again, but instead of dying she finds herself transported to earth-616.
  • rikki shows up in 616 right after captain america dies, her family doesn’t really exist in this universe and none of the 616 heroes remember her, so she feels very much alone. but she takes up the identity of nomad and still tries to be a hero anyways.
  • she kind of has a rough time of it, feeling out of place in her school and the 616 version of her brother (who is not a nazi) doesn’t know her, but she meets sam wilson and eli bradley, and black widow gives her a new nomad costume and helps her out. she also meets bucky barnes, although she only knows him as the new captain america. and!!! she teams up with anya corazon, aka spider-girl. they go to school together and although rikki is reluctant to team up at first, they become good friends and are sUPER CUTE TOGETHER.
  • and then rikki and anya form another young allies team, in a book that was canceled after only 6 issues.
  • unfortunately, onslaught returns and in a really…convoluted? storyline? and rikki one again sacrifices herself to save the earth. so she’s currently dead in continuity and it’s very sad :(((

rikki barnes!!!!!!!!


(also anya corazon recently made an appearance in avengers assemble where she teams up with black widow and spider-woman I suggest you check it out for cute times with spider ladies!!!!)


long rambling comics rec post

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