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Looking for a great comic full of incredible, badass ladies and queer characters? Then look no further! I present you with: ASTONISHING X-MEN!

Astonishing X-Men volume 3 is responsible for the creation of Abigail Brand and Hisako Ichiki, as well as the Northstar/Kyle wedding special. It’s a great book full of great stories and now you too can read it!

Issues included in this masterpost:

And remember, if you like this book? GO OUT AND BUY IT! Apparently it’s ending soon, which is a huge bummer, but if you support it despite that, Marvel will hopefully get the message that this is the kind of stuff we want to see!

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WOAH. HOLD THE PHONE. What do you mean you’ve never read Runaways?? We need to fix this, stat.

First off, here are the download links. 

Okay so now that that’s out of the way, you probably want to know what you’re getting yourself into. I’ll tell you. A whole mess of complex, diverse, heartbreaking, well written characters. Seriously. You will have a favorite and they will break your heart. God, what are you getting into?

Created by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona, the Runaways is basically about a group of kids who find out their parents are super villains called The Pride. They try calling the cops, but their parents have people working for them on the inside, so that’s a bust, and now their parents know that they know. So, they runaway, and work to defeat their parents. 

It sounds like typical superhero shit, but it really isn’t, because they’re not superheroes. They’re kids who just happen to sometimes fight crime.  The series is actually more focused on the characters and relationships than like, action-y superhero shit. And it’s so realistic, it’s exactly how you’d imagine living in the Marvel universe would be. 

The series was unfortunately put on hiatus back in 2008, but the characters have made brief appearances in other comics since then, and there’s been talk of a movie since 2009, so I’m hoping that if there’s enough of an interest, Marvel will give this underdog a chance. If not, still, more fans.

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House of M (mostly full - Near 58 issues)



(if you like these stories please go out and buy them!! This event is available in Trade Paperbacks and hard covers and shit. Please support Marvel)

House of M Part 1

House of M Part 2

House of M Part 3

House of M Part 4

House of M: Civil War:…


So my good buddy, tumblr user danny-randy, expressed the desire for a New Mutants masterpost. So, here I have compiled New Mutants volumes 1, 2, 3, and New Mutants Forever to be downloaded and enjoyed by the masses, because the New Mutants are fricken’ awesome and everyone should read about them.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

New Mutants Forever 

And now that you can download them for free, remember: IF YOU LIKE IT, BUY IT!! The New Mutants is a varied, wonderful team that deserves to be continued on in its own series, and if you buy the issues you like then hopefully Marvel will get the message and start writing a new series (hopefully better than DnA wrote the last half of volume 3, but we digress). So if you can, and if you love the New Mutants (as you probably will), buy these comics!

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Hellblazer is the revolting, gory, fascinating story of John Constantine, a violent and antisocial occult detective from London! He swears a lot and generally gets himself in a bunch of trouble, but he’s worth the read if you like that sort of thing.

Constantine is found in most Swamp Thing collections beginning with volume 3, The Curse. He appears in every subsequent volume of the 1985 series and in volume 1, Bad Seed, of the 2004 series. He also appears in the final chapter of Brightest Day and Sandman.* He’s appeared recently in Justice League DarkAnimal ManPhantom StrangerI, Vampire, and Sword of Sorcery. However, if you want to read any of those things, I suggest you look them up yourself! I’ve only included here what I have of the Hellblazer series and not what I have of Constantine’s comic appearances.

Note: Some of the Hellblazer Specials tie into the Original Series. For a complete reading list of the trades, go here: [x]

Hellblazer Series: 

  1. Original Sins (1-9) 
  2. The Devil You Know (10-13)
  3. The Fear Machine (14-22)
  4. Family Man (23-33)
  5. Dangerous Habits (34-46)
  6. Bloodlines (47-61)
  7. Tainted Love (62-71)
  8. Damnation’s Flame (72-77)
  9. Rakes at the Gates of Hell (78-83)
  10. Not Collected into Trades (84-100)
  11. 10b. (101-111)
  12. 10c. (112-120)
  13. 10d. (121-128)
  14. Son of Man (129-133)
  15. Haunted (134-139)
  16. Setting Sun (140-143)
  17. Not Collected into Trades (144-145)
  18. Hard Time (146-150)
  19. Good Intentions (151-156)
  20. Freezes Over (157-163)
  21. Highwater (164-174)
  22. Red Sepulchre (175-180)
  23. Black Flowers (181-186)
  24. Staring at the Wall (187-193)
  25. Stations of the Cross (194-200)
  26. Reasons to be Cheerful (201-206)
  27. The Gift (207-215)
  28. Empathy is the Enemy (216-222)
  29. The Red Right Hand (223-228)
  30. Not Collected into Trades (229)
  31. Joyride (230-237)
  32. The Laughing Magician (238-242)
  33. Roots of Coincidence (243-244, 247-249)
  34. Not Collected into Trades (245-246, 250)
  35. Scab (251-255)
  36. Hooked (256-260)
  37. India (261-266)
  38. Bloody Carnations (267-275)
  39. Phantom Pains (276-282)
  40. Death and Cigarettes (292-300)

Hellblazer Specials: 

New 52: Constantine

I will keep this updated as new comics come. 
Please let me know if something doesn’t work or isn’t there.

They’re all compressed into rar files, so you’ll need something to open them first, or a comic reader like Simple Comic that reads the entire rar file without you having to decompress it. All the comics themselves are cbr or cbz files. You will need a comic reader like CDisplay, Comix, or MangaMeeya in order to read them. 

If you need a link to download a comic reader, please come ask. I will be happy to help. Also, if a link doesn’t work, please tell me so I can update or fix it.

Don’t forget to support your local comics store and the comics industry by buying the issues whenever you can! Constantine is a CURRENT series that you should definitely buy if you both like it and have the resources to purchase it. 

Also, Vertigo Comics have only recently been compiling updated Hellblazer Collections in proper chronological order, even including tie-in comics from other Vertigo series such as Swamp Thing. Before, they had made incomplete paperback trades, so now that they’ve released five of their new collections, go buy them if you like this series! 

Legal acquisition of this and that series can be achieved through the DC Entertainment Store, ComixologyBarnes and NobleAmazon, and your local comics shop.
Happy reading!

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DAREDEVIL published by Marvel Comics that started in 1998-2011
Primary Creators on the series: Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

Continued from Daredevil (vol. 1). Daredevil was relaunched as part of the Marvel Knights line and became one of Marvel’s top street heroes.

After issue #119, the series reverts to its original numbering with issue #500. The volume ends at issue #512. After this point it becomes Black Panther: Man Without Fear. Daredevil’s adventures continued with Daredevil vol. 3.

Issues 1-13
Issues 14-37
Issues 38-55
Issues 56-70
Issues 71-89
Issues 90-101
Issues 102-112
Issues 113-119, 500
Issues 501-508
Issues 509-512

If you have the means, purchase them! Physical copies are your friends too.

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Young Avengers Reading Order


Young Avengers Reading Guide (Last Update: APRIL 2014)

Young Avengers is generally self-contained in its plotlines. Allan Heinberg, who wrote the first YA book, did an exceptionally good job at making it approachable to new and old Marvel readers alike. Usually there’s no need to do any extra reading to understand what’s going on. However, as the Young Avengers are usually seen as legacy characters, their comics reference a good amount of Marvel history you should be aware of to better appreciate them.

This is a detailed reading guide.  Please skip to Collected Editions for a Trade Reading Order. Also check out my reading order tag for the latest updates.


Background characters and events
Young Avengers (2005-2012)
Young Avengers (2012-present)
AUs, What Ifs, and Out-of-continuity books
Collected Editions
Additional Notes

Read More

mgmaz saved you honey:

Can you reccomend some good Hulk and Punisher stories to read hopefully in some collected form?


You can find my Hulk recommendations here

As for Punisher:

  • Everyone should read Circle of Blood, the Punisher’s first solo series

Garth Ennis’ Punisher run under the MAX imprint is probably one of the best runs the character has ever got:

  •  I’d start off with Punisher: Born mini-series which is a sort of Pre-Punisher story of Frank’s last tour in Vietnam. 
  • Barracuda (Punisher vol. 6, #31-37)
  • The Slavers (Punisher vol. 6, #25-30)
  • Welcome Back, Frank (Punisher vol. 4, #1-12)
  • Mother Russia (Punisher vol.6, #13-18)
  • In The Beginning (Punisher vol.6, #1-6)
  • Long Cold Dark (Punisher vol.6, #50-54)
  • Man of Stone (Punisher vol. 6, #37-42)
  • Valley Forge, Valley Forge (Punisher vol.6, #55-60
godsandgirls saved you honey:

Hello, could you please recommend me the best comics featuring Wolverine and Hulk ? (separately, but also teamed together !). I already know and enjoy Weapon X, Old Man Logan, Enemy of the State, Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk... Thanks !


Okay, so you’ve read the modern stuff. Why don’t you check out the classics.


  • Wolverine #1-4 (1982)
  • Weapon X (Marvel Comics Presents (#72-84)
  • Incredible Hulk #340
  • Kitty Pryde & Wolverine #1-6
  • The Brood (Uncanny X-Men #162-167)
  • Wolverine #1-6 (1988)


  • Incredible Hulk #331-339
  • Incredible Hulk #314-319, Hulk Annual #14 & Marvel Fanfare #29
  • Regression (Incredible Hulk #286-295, 297-300 & Hulk Annual #12)
  • Pardoned (Incredible Hulk #269-285)

Green Arrow v2


oh, and here’s this

Green Arrow V2


I haven’t finished this, half way through.  But it’s been pretty solid so far.  The Mike Grell penned stuff has been good.  I hear the later stuff is good as well.

Warning: At least a large section of this is a “Recommended for Mature Audiences” book.  With mild nudity, and at times potentially upsetting violence or images.

1-12, 13-24, 25-38, 39-56, 57-72, 73-92, 94-117, 118-137

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